Edge of Nations

This is a Grand Strategy Game that takes place in our current time frame.
The player gets control over its nation and has to build up the nation. This goes from all kinds of buildings like factories, police, military, research and education to power plant, water supplies, internet- and satellite-connectivity.
As the times goes the player has to keep control over the nation by handling criminal-gangs, viruses, refugees and keep the general support of the nation population to prevent a civil war, and last but not least the player has to handle the relation to external nations.
Nations can expand their territory to world domination by going into war or go into alliances with other nations to create a stronger defense/offense.
It is possible to develop a high-tech nation in many ways but it most likely require good relationships and a very strong defense, and to create the strongest defense and offense a lot of (military)research is needed.


This is a small clip showing the start of the game
I'm about to start a wiki about the game.
At this time there is really no information there yet