Cyber secure autonomous systems with CBCP

I made an demonstration of the use of our cyber secure protocol CBCP( by letting a Universal Robots arm and a LEGO mobile robot send commands to each other in a cyber secure way without human interaction.

The mobile robot drives into position and sends a CBCP command to the robot arm that it can start loading the mobile robot.
The robot arm starts and sends a command back when it is finish loading and the mobile robot can drive away again.

Because we have formally specified with CBCP which commands the robots are allowed to sent and receive and from whom, we know that no malicious command can be received and executed. We also know that the robots can only do what we have formally specified.

Our DashboardShield client (video embedded below) for Universal Robots are running on the robot arm and is validating all commands received.

The LEGO robot is controlled by an Raspberry Pi3 where we implemented LEGO's bluetooth protocol to control the LEGO motors from the Raspberry Pi.
The Raspberry Pi is also running a customized CBCP client which implemented the LEGO Bluetooth functionality.


DashboardShield for Universal Robots

Short intro video for the DashboardShield.
The DashboardShield is develop by the QuasiOS team.