QuasiOS is an operating system in development by Jakob Kjær-Kammersgaard, Patrick Jakobsen and myself.
We have some thought about building an entire operating system from scratch.
The ideas that we have for ACRYLICS, our module system and our configuration format requires a completely different kernel design than we see in the commonly used operating systems today.
That is why we are about to develop our own kernel and operating system. The advantages is enhanced (cyber) security, stability, live-update-able and a configuration system to avoid the majority of misconfiguration issues.
We have also formed a company with the same, QuasiOS, where we are about to implement our idea into the "real world".


Above is a picture of the booting screen on real hardware.

We tested our module system with the devlopment of the network module where we succeeded sending a network package from QuasiOS to a linux system captured with Wireshark.