Web Content management System - CMS

CMS system for websites where I have implemented some different plugins
like image gallery and webshop. I don't work activly on it anymore. However there are still some websites running with the CMS-system which I maintain.

This is a view of the "Master Control" where it is possible to add and edit the different pages on the website.



Some examples of websites


Webshop with vinyl records.


Website for holiday apartments. It uses the latest webshop pluging which include item/room bookings.


Website for photographer Carsten Pedersen with some possibilities for some nice gallery views with stories.

Black Cage Industry

Discontinued webshop with specially designed terrariums.

CS:GO Hints

Webpage with counter-strike videos from around the world.
Made such that it was very easy for the administrators to embed Youtube videos.

The page had 11.800 followers on Facebook but is now discontinued.

My Little Chef

Social webpage that should enable users to arrange meals together to reduce food waste.
I build the website from scratch including private messaging, forum discussion system and event management.
Unfortunately also discontinued.